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It was since last weekend that I have not been able to get rid of the notion that the last show was a terribly prepared and ill hosted show. Or at least those were my personal feelings afterwards that never really left me, but thinking of what the heck I am doing with a show that used to be loads of fun and times that just didn’t fly by quick enough for me to find myself at the start of a new and exciting episode of NTNS musings, fans and fun.
The past couple of months though; or perhaps this is over a year now life takes its own turns and has left me with different goals, careers and most of all love. Now that in itself is no problem at all and I certainly kept up being in the fun; finding the great great music and gathered the fans in the chat room et all.

It is slowly becoming a dreaded job; a must perform; where the fun seems to be squashed out.

Recently we had our 4th anniversary after which the show got a new look; or perhaps better said got shortened in total time. A change I felt was necessary trying to re-find the spark that lit the experimental fires again. Instead the opposite occured…
There was also a brand new segment introduced; pArt of the street. Something I got terribly excited about. Treading a new path trying to implement visual street art on a radio show. Don’t get me wrong here though. It is not that this in my opinion failed that lead me towards the choice I am facing today. Though admittedly it did spark my train of thoughts happening this week. But that was more for the fact that i found myself hopelessly underprepared and with little to say on the subject really but to share the images.

All this said I realize I need to make a choice of two;
a) keep going untill I drop and suck even more life out of an extremely good and working concept
b) decide to take a break and rethink what I want and where I want to go with the show.

This ultimately means you will have to do without the show for a little. At this moment I have decided to be gone untill June.

Yes, sorry about that
I need to get back to enjoy what I share or create.

You can count on one thing though; NTNS radio will be back!

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