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It was since last weekend that I have not been able to get rid of the notion that the last show was a terribly prepared and ill hosted show. Or at least those were my personal feelings afterwards that never really left me, but thinking of what the heck I am doing with a show that used to be loads of fun and times that just didn’t fly by quick enough for me to find myself at the start of a new and exciting episode of NTNS musings, fans and fun.
The past couple of months though; or perhaps this is over a year now life takes its own turns and has left me with different goals, careers and most of all love. Now that in itself is no problem at all and I certainly kept up being in the fun; finding the great great music and gathered the fans in the chat room et all.

It is slowly becoming a dreaded job; a must perform; where the fun seems to be squashed out.

Recently we had our 4th anniversary after which the show got a new look; or perhaps better said got shortened in total time. A change I felt was necessary trying to re-find the spark that lit the experimental fires again. Instead the opposite occured…
There was also a brand new segment introduced; pArt of the street. Something I got terribly excited about. Treading a new path trying to implement visual street art on a radio show. Don’t get me wrong here though. It is not that this in my opinion failed that lead me towards the choice I am facing today. Though admittedly it did spark my train of thoughts happening this week. But that was more for the fact that i found myself hopelessly underprepared and with little to say on the subject really but to share the images.

All this said I realize I need to make a choice of two;
a) keep going untill I drop and suck even more life out of an extremely good and working concept
b) decide to take a break and rethink what I want and where I want to go with the show.

This ultimately means you will have to do without the show for a little. At this moment I have decided to be gone untill June.

Yes, sorry about that
I need to get back to enjoy what I share or create.

You can count on one thing though; NTNS radio will be back!

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Eye listen…

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An interesting concept isn’t it. Hearing with your eyes.
A good thing that NTNS radio these days brings you visual treats each week or the whole concept would fall to pieces.
And as we are getting more and more comfertable with the new format, the visual part of this format is getting its own wings too.
Sometimes it takes ‘doing it’ rather then thinking about it. And we are doing it!

Beware that in the coming period all the podcasts are being migrated to
A bulkload of work, but when done it makes so much more sense as you will be able to hear and see the links + visual announcements on one single page.

For now:

or in words:

Subterrestial – Transmissions from the hollow earth (Subterrestial)
Bandwith – Walking ghost phase (Ayan records)
Zoogoo – Zanzing (Earsheltering)
Micah Frank – Tectonic (self released)
Josef Nadek – [zak] (The vegetable kingdom)

In our series pArt of the street
introducing the work of: Can Two

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!

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Abtens chaterio…

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Or ….. errrr …. well fill in the dots yourselves.
This new format of around 99 minutes certainly is adding to the fun.
First of, the music selected is way more odd it seems. Since I care less about the brand new releases.
NTNS was a show that wanted to be on top of the new releases, but since the shortening that has slightly changed.
Still there are brand new albums on the show, but these days; content is the heavier weighing factor.
Back to the roots so to speak: we are calling it Not the normal ShiT Radio!!

And this street-art feature is a well fit feature; firstly because I love street-art.
But moreso because I think the music and street-art go hand in hand and marry well.

Ahhh well; for you the listener its less minutes of show every week, but
there’s just more fun these days!


or in words:

LeeDVD – First I love (birdsong)
Yara – Strange flight (Brusio)
Boys over IP – Italienische Kunstmusik nach 16 Uhr (Schönermusic)
Room101 – Differance EP (self released)
Castrol – Castrol (Pueblo Nuevo)

pArt of the street is introducing: Ludo (Paris)

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!

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Don’t tell a soul… no really; don’t tell anyone about the new and improved NTNS radio show
We may pick up new listeners, and the chance is they may like what they hear.
So please… keep it well hidden.
And don’t tweesssthhh!!!

the music:

Mensa – Braid heritage (Resting Bell)
Niekto – Lictina (Passage)
Kikiilimikililii – Lumens (Heia Sun)
Michael Delia & Simon Whetham – Live at Kolska 28 (Cronica)
Miquel Parera Jaques – anx05 (Music is the time of numbers)

the art:

This week on pArt of the street; introducing the street-art of Mark Jenkins

Yup; fun and fills and no cheap thrills!!!
Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

and yeahyeah…. I still need to update a few sites and all.
But patience; I am still getting used to the new format myself
and quiting smoking is wearing me out a bit with a heavy workweek behind me.
Patience my dears….


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The world is changing day by day and so are we!
After 4 years of NTNS radio today we start a brand new chapter:
Not the normal 90 minutes radio

Yes; the bad news – the showtime is cut in half
The good news – The fantastic 5 : abstract, odd and grand music for your listening pleasure
that which you are used to hear on the old and famed NTNS radio show
PLUS: We are taking it to the streets!
pArt of the street will be our weekly view on street art and CC art
This week for instancel we will kick off with works from Blu
How visual art can be part of a radio show; find out and listen!

As for this weeks show:

The music:

Fosel – Dull stars (self released)
Stig Inge Oy – (petcord)
Cagey House – Calico pastry Sunshine (Bypass)
Ralp – Eprom (Crazy language)
James Wyness – Music born of solitude (Con-V)

And as said: pArt of the Street: Blu!

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!

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4 year anniversary

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yes! We are celebrating 4 years of NTNS radio
And for once we are not going to prepare one tiny bit.
It will all be one big tombola of surprise after surprise.

Well… ok, we will be playing some (if not all) of the live performances ever on NTNS radio.
And music from the hosts and ofcourse of dear and close friends of the show.

Who knows what you may expect to hear; let’s just have fun!
You know where you can find us!

All aboard!!!

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It is a historic day today;
Egypt is free’d of its opressor.
We’re a week away from the 4th anniversary
And tomorrow morning is a brand new NTNS radioshow

What more do you want?

Oh … ok … the images, yes ofcourse!

or in words:

The inventors of aircraft – Lull (Audio Gourmet)
Landrecorder – Fern battles (self released)
ABC100 – Lots of crabs (442 music)
Clouds in my home – S-Archive (Passage)
Tzii & Ayato – Fleurs de charbon (Nohmad)
Darren McClure – Semi (Impulsive habitat) – Sweetness follows (Field noise)
Willy Stamati – Lumen obscurum (Senile dementia)
Melophonia – Deuteronomy (Egocide)

What else reason would you need to be on board this Live journey of 9 weekly leaks!


Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!

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Yup, a brand new unpolished rock of a gem. Or better yet 9 brand new leaks from the world of underground experimentalism.
Come join us for some odd style musings from around the globe and help guide your host through his first non-smoking day.
It comes with a great reward.
Awesome music!

or in words:

Monolyth & cobalt – La temprature du feuillage entre deus saisons (feedbackloop)
:sinclair: – 0306 (Earth Mantra)
Generación Espontánea – ReVuelta (DogEared)
Ziur – Stantia (Petcord)
Various artists – Electronic Girls vol. 1 (to be released Febr.12th)
Olaf Tonstein – Untitled (Klitorik)
Hyena Fierling Reich – Kalahest (Black Square)
rngmnn – Off the bridge (enough records)
M.F.N. – Frequency (Datenbits)

Right here on Stillstream radio @ 8 AM local time!

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!

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Indeed, another episodical adventure for your ears is awaiting in the morrow.
Nine weekly leaks have again been selected for some three hours of abstract en experimental pleasures.
So why not join in the fun! Get on board the train
(and if you twitter; use #ntnsradio to share your appreciation)

What do we have in store for you today

or in words:

A damned age – Fragile (Camomille)
Project 5AM – The yellow book (aReW)
Clayton Thomas & Clare Cooper – LVSXY (Audition records)
Handjob – Except the death in this street (Unwash)
Carlos Ramirez – Chemical reaction (Surrism Phonoethics)
Heidseck – FMCH (Sinewave)
Ricardo Webbens – Analog mountains (TestTube)
Technology of Silence – The squad (enough)
Impossible nothing – Montechristo (self released)

See… or better, get in drop on and tune in and hear!

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!

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2011 will be a year of highlights, triumpfs and new goals.
And allready we’re approaching february fast, where the first rather intrusive change of NTNS radio will first be heard ánd seen.
Untill that time we’ll keep leaking 9 fantastic new releases that are either quite recent or slightly from the past.
Not the normal Shit radio is there to get YOU in contact with the not so ordinary; you’ll definatly hear not normal stuff.

What, you may ask?

Or in words:

Kirill Platonkin – R EP (Circles and lines)
FRKTL – Atom B sides (Self released)
Sina – Violent things (Kopp)
Suspicion breeds confidence – The Pink carpet (Acrylnimbus)
NOS project II – NOS Project II (Ozky)
Kitty Kit – The backside memories (Zeromoon)
Saffron Slumber – Somnogen (Resting Bell)
Thierry Massard – Inconnu (Surrism Phonoethics)
Lgor – Rare elements (Mental excitement)

All in all; plenty of reason to catch us live again, or why not even say hi in the chatroom!

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!

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