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Posted on June 24, 2010. Filed under: News |

And so we’ve passed the halfyear threshold, leaving the longest day behind us and crawling closer to christmas.
Say what!!! That’s miles from here?!
Thank god there is some decent music on the radio to keep up satisfied untill then. 9 brand spanking new albums await your challenged ears this weekend in an episodical adventure of non normal confirmists. Get yourselves ready!

or in words:

Beginnings – Waiting on the weather (Rural colours)
Michael Trommer – Greyfields 1 (Audio Gourmet)
Ian Hawgood – Soundtrack to a film in my head which will never get made (Rope swing cities)
PlanetAldol – Ballad for knacker (Just not Normal)
Trianov – c Om prayer (pickpack)
Joaquin Gutierrez Hadid – Vending machine (Impulsive habitat)
Cooloola monster – Wavund (Pay y rosas)
Tale twist – Path collapse (Psicotrodopelia)
Ignasi Alvarez – MixMix 1-7 (Modisti)

Better get ready! You know where to find us

Find out all you want to know about NTNS radio at:

All aboard!!!!


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