Playlist April 26th 2009, Zen Caffeine – Host: Mark Stolk

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Yesterday David Herpich was so kind to host NTNS radio because a long time ago we decided that it would be fun if we exchanged seats of both our shows. Today I will be hosting not the normal Zen Caffeine, and it’s only right to share a playlist of that as well.

Tune in live with winamp or live with iTunes

Emerald Adrift – Melumbo
Off the sky – Mileece’s Reduction


Bob Dickinson – Before
Lammergeyer – Resting place
Kesson Shoujo – April
Tim Walters – By tens forever
Doc & Lena Selyanina – Der Leierman
Counterspark – Atmosphere
Broken ghost – Berlin tickets
Johan Wieslander – Blue 4


Bob Dickinson – The white rose
Joe McMahon – Ascension Island
Kevin Fletcher Tweedy – Clusters II Part C
The Jammaleck star – 72.0304 [limited]
The Waxin’ gibbon – Czeck
Khate – Isabel
Feralcatscan – Antorekati
Normal music – The shroud of normal music


Bob Dickinson – Threads
Normal – The storm outside
Haller – Vocalese
[neuma] – Intricate
Places – Very Island
Mark Hamn – On cherche se rapprocher d’un ideal
Sergey Nikonov – Dream sequence 1
Lomov – Hochwaldregen


Bob Dickinson – Tickle
Yellowhead – Cll th Abmlnc m Bd
Shalmaneser – Weaponses
Randomajestiq – No more bubbles please
Thomas Wincek – Fender rhodes piano
Non descript – Minisi
Philip Wilkerson – Penumbra
Gultskra Artikler – Teplo Spokoyno Yabloko


Bob Dickinson – On logical form
Palancar – At the fringe of vision
Poodleplay Arkestra – Black spring
Heezen – Lastre
Crisopa – Nuestro Viejo 747
Javier Moraga – Fronteras invisibles
Dave Keifer – The cartoon mouse regards
Daniel Blomqvist – Nar andra sover


Bob Dickinson – Parkhouse Hill
Color by numbers – Lights like windows
833-45 – A perfectly reflected flat…..
Roman Slavka – Some talk about seventy four
Bright star regulus – Something about you
Bogdan Dullsky – Heliotaxis

the end


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