Playlist NTNS radio april 25th, host: David Herpich

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Well if you’ve read the switchcraft posting you will know that tonight’s show will be hosted by David Herpich.
That means I’ll try to keep you up to speed with a playlist, but links may remain absent this one time.

Tune in live with winamp or live with iTunes

Today’s show preceeded with a cool wreckage from David Herpich

Cousin Silas – Ballard landscapes
– Submarine pens

Delia does John Peel


Kaedra Mira – Divertimento (Mimi)
– Pavane
– Wervermunter

Jorge Nunes – Comprimido (XS)
– Albatros sedativo
– Baleia comprimido

Repetition distract – Recordings 2004/2005 (plain audio)
– Paracetamol
– black black black BLACK
– Kurhotel, Sewastopol

Lili Hirakawa – Spectrum (Mimi)
– Spectrum


Noata Taguchi – Forgotten works in the sky
– Dreaming while knowing that you are
– I speak with pathos in the early morning
– Your face looks down in the dumps
– I speak with pathos In the early morning (rmx by Akira Kosemura)

Kaedra Mira – Divertimento (Mimi)
– Carelessly
– Madrigal

Adrian Juarez – Carbonilla y Lápices de Cera (Perkunowa)
– (1)
– (2)

Jorge Nunes – Comprimido (XS)
– Dora desejo

Adrian Juarez
– (9)
– (13)
– (18)

Jorge Nunes
– Caranguejo polen

Repetition distract
– She lays her head in there: lumber
– She lays her head in there: condor
– She lays her head in there: panorama

Psychedelic Rain – Chasm Border (mimonot)
– Chasm border

Adrian Juarez
– (6)


Nagual Art – Seance 1931: Tales from F. (This Plague Of Dreaming)
– a song from F.
– Seance 1931

Asgaya Gigagae – The Decline Before The Dream (This Plague Of Dreaming)
– Sunset, the decline before the dream

Adrian Juarez
– (14)

Nagual art
– S.J.H.
– Der wandernde Jude
– The 1631 daemon

Jorge Nunes
– Enguia Forca

Nagual Art
– Seemannslied


Berto Nastik – Omniphobbia (Wildness)
– Preludio
– La fuga
– Recuerdos

Psychedelic Rain
– Alconautics

– Blink, And You’ll Be Even More Confused
– Wir Warten Darauf, Dass Das Leben Beginnt

Asgaya Gigagae
– Dawn, Opened Eyes of the Akashic Sloth


Cousin Silas – Ballard Landcapes / Ballard Landscapes 2 (Earth Monkey)
– Observation (Day 7) – Dealey Plaza
– The Crystal Jungle
– Abandoned Paddy Fields
– Schematics for Terminal Seventeen
– The Death of Marilyn Monroe
– Flight Over Abandoned Village
– The Death of Reagan



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