Playlist March 21st (Ladies Night)

Posted on March 21, 2009. Filed under: Playlists |

Delia Derbyshire does John Peel

Esther B. – it is not easy for doug engelbart to give a conference when youppi and mad dog are in the house (Bricolodge)
– Untitled one – mad dog remix
– Untitled two – mad dog remix

Altocumulus – Nightfears


Dark MuseSounds from beyond the silver wheel (self released)
– Queen of the world of spirits

Provedence/Rhode Island US
Blevin BlectumLive at Hemlock (av/.o)
– Live at Hemlock


Die MinimalistinLichttod (Clinical Archives)
– Fernschreitung
– Blaukalt

DionaIn vicinia Urbis
– The electricity unites us
– Canttell


Elisa LuuFloating Sounds (Phantom channel)
– Starry night
– Arteline
– R3son8

AchnnRound Umbrella Noize)
– Riskus circus
– Volets de cloches
– Toy’s round
– Fin de la parade


Liz ChristineHoras inolvidables (Menthe de Chat)
– Le petit chat
– Ronron
– Pour Cecile


CelerRed Seals (Archaic horizon)
– Brackish Nagas too low in the river


The tapeworm vesselSongs from the tree of life (Sounds from silence)
– Waving and nodding
– Distant rumbling
– L’éducation sentimentale


Sabrina SiegelHand/Rock (Clinical Archives)
– He moves through the house
– A lilting passion
– Untitled 6


Julie la Rousse Des restes humains EP (Con-V)
– Dans la soute a bagages
– AK47, mon amour


Susan Matthews – Tracks from various compilationalbums (Earth Monkey Productions)
– Moon tremors
– On a theme of falling
– Susan’s sanctuary


Holly StewartLost (Clinical Archives)
– Angel on the guitar
– Drowndings
– Aye I

Katarina RoseVirgin love (Crumbling Wall
– Heart Strings


Adamned.AgeThousand yard stare (Halbsicht)
– Substanz P
– Chronograph

Blank – Stereoscopic laid (Just not Normal)
– Balance



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